Перевод предложений, срочно

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    Перевожу статью, возникли трудности с переводом следующих предложений:
    1. By 1939, when he reopened his houses in Spain, he had made a reputation in Paris, gaining an international clientele that far outstripped the captive following he had had in Spain. (Интересует последняя часть предложения. Речь идет о дизайнере, который был вынужден закрыть дом моды в Испании из-за испанской гражданской войны);

    2. Haute couture businesses are secretive about their internal workings, if not their ambitions, and often it is the design records rather than the accounts that suvive;

    3. They made their choices from the four hundred models he created, a number in line with the output of other top couturiers of the time. (Они - клиенты этого модельера).

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