форма глагола

  • Вставить в правильной форме. Каждый глагол можно использовать дважды.
    -get -have -take -come -give -put -make -do
    1. He knew he had __________ several silly mistakes in the exam, so it __________ as no surprise to him to hear that he’d failed.
    2. Lubowski, a piano teacher for 42 years, __________great pride in the fact that she had __________ an important influence on the playing styles of some of the world’s finest pianists.
    3. Recently we’ve been __________a lot of difficulty __________our son to __________ his homework.
    4. I had considered __________ research, until I found out just how much time and effort I would need to __________ into it.
    5. I’ve __________ to the conclusion that a lot of these off-piste* skiers are just selfish; as well as __________ their own lives at risk, they endanger those of the rescue services who are called out to help them when they __________ into trouble.
    6. The director __________ a deep sigh when he saw the figures for June; the company had __________ a loss of $3 million in the first half of the year.
    *off-piste (adj., adv.) - used to refer to skiing that is done on areas of snow that have not been specially prepared for skiing on.

  • 1. done, came
    2. took, made
    3. having, in getting, do
    4. doing, put
    5. come, putting, get
    6. took, made

  • 1. he had MADE silly mistakes

    2. that she had HAD an important influencve on...

    6. the director GAVE a deep sigh..., the company had HAD a loss of... (лучше HAD SUSTAINED A LOSS OF, но тут такого глагола нет).