Буду благодарен за помощь.The Subjunctive Mood in Subject Clauses

  • Exercise 3. Replace the infinitives in brackets by the right form of the verb.
    1). It's highly advisable to my mind that something (to be done) about their pronunciation. 2). It is requested that the late-comers (to take) seats in the gallery. 3). She positively insists that the margins (to be) on the left side of the page. 4). She promised to arrange that mother (to come and sit) with the baby. 5). It was demanded that some kind of school-leaving certificate (to be provided). 6). It was intended that the cross (to take place) on Sunday. 7). At the family gathering it was agreed that she (to be sent) to school. 8). It is of importance that the children (to have) some interest in common. 9). It was finally arranged that the pamphlet (to be delivered) by the postman along with the morning mail. 10). It was then proposed that no child over twelve (to be admitted). 11). He ordered that nothing (to be touched). 12). It is requested that he (to be able) not only to drive but to do all minor repair jobs.

  • Вам какой вариант: английский или американский?
    Если первый, то везде употребляйте should be done, should take, should be и т.д. без частицы to.
    Если американский, то нигде не надо should, и инфинитив тоже употребляйте без частицы to; be done, take, be, come and sit и т.д.