Ответить на вопросы

  • 1.What are the core and the optional subjects at your
    school? What is your favourite subject?
    2. What will happen if you miss classes / make a good
    progress/ fail your final exams at school/ successfully
    graduate from the University?
    3. Speak about the stereotypes about Russia and
    Russians. e.g. Russians are supposed to
    4. Give advice to a tourist planning a good journey.
    5. What do you want to be in your future? Who or what
    influenced your decision? Do your family approve of your
    career choice?
    6. What jobs will be popular in the future and why?
    7. What sort of information does the newspaper / the
    radio / television provide us with?
    8. What can people do in museums / theme parks / art
    9. What would you recommend reading and why?
    10. Who is your favourite book character and why?
    11. What is the best book you have ever read and why?