Best web sites for learning english

  • Let's share the best web resources you have ever run into while surfing the Net and which you have added to you favorites. So far I have come across only one site: . That is on-line course of english. It may be of great help to some people.

  • Another attractive resource


  • - есть полезные ссылки, ответы на вопросы. В перспективе - обзор курсов анг.языка, задания к фильмам, текстам (по уровням), мультфильмам. Скоро появится раздел для преподавателей.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Anna.
    Learning English is my obsession. I am not good in English yet but I am on my way.

    My Russian friends tell me I am not learning English I am just collecting the ways and resources for learning. I don’t know. May be they are right.

    Anyway, in process of studying, I actually found a lot of possibilities for learning English and improving English skills. So I decided to start new blog: My English Webmarks. Here is the adress:

    There is a lot of resources for learning english! You can find something for you.

  • Hi Anna!

    you seem to speak english good. plz correct your mistake- there are a lot of resources for lerning english. in process of studying- it is rather 'artificial" in use. its better to say- during my studyinh or studing english.


  • Hello!everybody!!!!I have been learning english for 2 year!!!But i have no enough practice in my speaking,i hope i will find in this website more ucefull knowledges and friends!!!)Furthermore i want to speak english more

    Site with a lot of audiobooks, books and texts

  • hi Rahmona!!!
    i study english month!I really want to find new friends, and to practice their English!
    in the future I am want to live in UK))
    I hope we will communicate))

  • Hello everyone!!, and are my best.I hope you'll like it too