Ребят, помогите пожалуйста выполнить

  • Поставьте слова в скобках в правильную форму:

    1.Blood (to transport)_____________________ oxygen from the lungs to the body cells.
    2. Bones are active structures that (to produce)__________________ blood cells.
    3.Nervous system (to connect)_____________________ the brain to the rest of the body through nerves.
    4.Inside every living organism chemical reactions (to go on )_______________all the time.
    5.Aristotle (to make)___________ thorough studies of the anatomy of animals.
    6.A man’s heart beats (slow)____________ than a woman’s heart.
    7.The left side of the heart is (strong) _________________than the right.
    8.The skin is the (large)_______________ organ of the body. It(to compose)_________________of two main layers of cells.
    9.There (to be)__________ seven classes of invertebrate animals.
    10.The function of the kidneys is (to filter)____________________ blood.
    11.(to live)___________________we need oxygen, food and water.
    12.The blood in the capillaries must be (to replace)_________________with fresh blood.
    13.The body needs vitamins and minerals (to work)________________normally.
    14.Not many people (to see)________________icebergs.
    15.Over million of years, different species of life (to evolve)________________.

  • Transports, produce, connects, go on, made, more slowly, stronger

  • The largest, is composed, are, to filter, to live, replaced, to work, have seen