Домашняя работа

  • Помогите, пожалуйста, проверить сочинение на ошибки. Я очень старалась.

    Have you ever read a very sad fairy tale that you want to cry? Or have you read a fairy tale which has such a happy end that you want to dance around? To me, when I was small, I felt just the same every day.

    When I was at first and second grade, fairy tales seemed as a best friend to me. We play with living animals and plants in the book kingdoms every day, we sing and dance with dwarfs and chat with mermaid under water. But sometimes we also met fierce monsters and clever witches who want to trick us. However we always survive. That makes me very excited about each time I read a fairy tale.

    But unfortunately, the increasing amount of homework makes it impossible for me to read fairy tales. More and more, homework are being piled up on my desk, and so I must put down my fairy tales and read about environmental problems, politics, and health issues and so on. The fairy tales soon is being put into the bookcase. However, every holiday, I take them out and smiled as if I have met an old friend.

    Fairy tales give us imaginations and hope for the future. We shouldn’t throw them away to the trash can, but keep them clean in a bookshelf.

  • ...that can make you cry?
    As for me...
    ...was a 1st ans a 2nd former, fairy talea seemed the best firend to me.
    ...with mermaids...
    ...we also meet...
    More and more homework is being piled up ...so I have to put down ...
    Fairy tales are soon sent back to the bookcase.
    ...I take them out and smile as if I met an old friend of mine.
    ...develop our imagination and give us hope for the future.
    We should not stash them away. On the contrary, we should try to keep them clean in a bookcase.