Проверьте пожалуйста текст на грамматические ошибки

  • Nowadays, there is a debate about what is more important for reaching success – talent or discipline? Some people claim that all you need to be successful in something is your innate talent, but others do not agree.

    In my opinion, it is not enough just to be talented in something if you want to be successful in it, so discipline is more needed than talent. To begin with, even if you had been talented in something but you hadn’t practiced it for a while, you easily could lose your skill, because experts convinced that every success initially bases on the hard work and practice. Moreover, there are many talented people in the world, but only a few of them have achieved tremendous success because they understand that if they want to be the best in their field of activity, they need to be disciplined, work hard and achieve goals that no one has reached before them.

    However, there exists another point of view on this issue. Some people believe that if you are talented you just have to show your skills to the world and then you become successful and popular.

    Despite my respect for this opinion, I cannot share it, because I convinced that there is a rivalry in every field of activity and there are a lot of people that are as much talent as you, this is why it is very important to be disciplined, because it helps you to be competitive and, finally to be the best.

  • To begin with, even if you (had been)Are talented in but you don’t practice it , you can easily lose your skill, because experts are convinced that every success is based on hard work and practice
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