Write the question and negative form of these sentences.

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    I am a first-year student.
    I study at college.
    The subjects study are very easy.
    Our teachers never help us when we get stuck.
    We study a lot on our own.
    I live in a student's dormitory.
    My neighbours are laughing and listening to music loudly every evening.
    I am looking forward to lectures on my favourite subject.
    My friends and I are starting to understand basics of therapist's profession.
    I am going to become a professional notary.

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    I am a first-year student.Am I a first-year student? I am not a first-year student. (Все предложения с am, are --точно так же)
    I study at college Do I study at college? I don't study at college. (Остальные предложения по этому образцу.