VII. Put in “many”, “much”, “few”, “little”, “a few”, “a little”:

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    VII. Put in “many”, “much”, “few”, “little”, “a few”, “a little”:
    1. There was ___ air in the room, so he had to open the window.
    2. Go and buy more medicine, there is only ___ left.
    3. As her condition was bad, she spent ___ time in hospital.
    4. Only ___ patient‘s cards are in the doctor‘s office, all the others are at the reception.
    5. Stop breathing for ___ time, I want to listen to your lungs.
    6. Stay in the open air as ___ as possible.
    7. Only ___ students came for the medical check-up.
    8. I don‘t hear you, speak ___ louder.
    9. We spend ___ time on preparing for our classes.
    10. Are there ___ higher schools in your native town?
    11. Yesterday the therapeutist examined only ___ patients.
    12. How ___ patients‘ cards did the receptionist fill in yesterday?
    13. The nurse took only ___ blood for analysis.
    14. The human skeleton consists of ___ bones.
    15. There is ___ milk in your glass. May I add some?

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    many”,Много с исчисляемыми сущ “much”, много с неисчисляемымт few”,мало с исчисляемыми “little мало с неисчисляемыми, “a few”, немного с исчисляемыми “a little”:немного с неисчисляемыми.