Помогите, пожалуйста, решить тесты

  • 1. Соедините части предложений
    Education is very – important in our life.
    He always tries to learn, find out, - who knows a lot about many things.
    An educated person is a man – discover more about the world around him.

    2. Last November, the foundation opened a free clinic in Los Angeles to help people who cannot afford America’s high cost of medical __________.

    3. The Saxon King Alfred encouraged the arts __________ culture.

    4. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
    To play a crucial role in smith – формировать общественное мнение
    Public relations – связи с общественностью
    Forming public opinion – играть решающую роль в чем-либо

    5. The main source of news for millions of people is __________.

    6. Mass media mould public __________. Millions of people in their watch TV and read newspapers.

    7. You must go or you will be late __________ the first lesson.

    8. It contains an interesting collection __________ swords and standards of the “Knights of the Bath”.

    9. The foundation operates a general hospital that provides free __________ care to the poor.

    10. Students should always be attentive while they __________ listening to the lecturer.

    11. As he had long lived in those parts and knew the place very well, __________ easily found his way to the market-place.

    12. One part of Medicare covers all hospital costs for the elderly and is financed __________ a portion of the Social Security Tax.

    13. The __________ service system in the US is currently stagnant.

    14. His book is as interesting __________ mine.

    15. He poured out a cup of coffee, sat down in an armchair and looked at the woman __________ was sitting opposite him.

    16. Salaried doctors are the foundation of __________ practice in the United States.

    17. A college grants a bachelor’s degree at the conclusion of __________.

    18. On the __________ one can hear music, plays, news and various discussions or commentaries of current events.

    19. Medicaid has greatly decreased the use of __________ care services by the poor.

    20. Staffed with one part-time physician, two full-time administrators, the clinic also uses a large group of volunteer __________ personnel.

    21. Art, culture and literature flowered during the Elizabeth an age, during the reign of Elizabeth I; __________ was the period of English domination of the oceans.

    22. The Chapel is of stone and glass, so wonderfully cut and sculptured __________ it seems unreal.

    23. A primary school may be divided into two parts - __________ and juniors.

    24. The Internet has recently become another important source of __________.

    25. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
    To build up a public image – создавать имидж
    To force attention to smth – привлекать внимание к чему-либо
    To provide news output – обеспечивать выпуск новостей

    26. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
    “Tabloid” newspapers – бульварная пресса
    Emotive reporting – эмоциональная подача материала
    Publishing company – издательство
    27. Установить связь между частями предложения
    Then antibiotics wouldn’t be able – throat is caused by bacteria.
    Antibiotics only help when sore – to cure people’s illnesses
    To prevent this from happening, doctors try to prescribe antibiotics – only when they will help.

    28. Here too, though these writers are not buried in Westminster __________, are memorials to William Shakespeare and John Milton, Burns and Byron, Walter Scott, William Makepeace Thackeray and the great American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

    29. Cats __________ not so clever as dogs.

    30. Установить связь между словосочетанием и переводом:
    system of options – фиксированные в расписании уроки
    set periods – система выбора предметов для изучения
    scholarship – стипендия

    31. My sister need not write this letter. I shall phone __________.

    32. The towers were built between 1735-1740. One of the greater glories of the __________ is the Chapel of Henry VII, with its delicate fan-vaulting.

    33. Since the far-off time of William the Conqueror, Westminster Abbey has been the crowning place of the __________ and queens of England.

    34. The Abbey is compared __________ a mausoleum, because there are tombs and memorials of almost all English monarchs, many statesmen, famous scientists, writers and musicians.

    35. Some of the TV and radio stations and __________ are owned by different corporations.

    36. There is always a great variety of __________ on TV: news and sport programmes, talk shows and TV games, documentaries and feature films, concerts and theatre performances.

    37. Founded entirely with private donations, the clinic is outfitted with new medical equipment and spends an average of US $75 per month on each __________.

    38. Установите связь между частями предложения
    recreational facilities – жесткая конкуренция
    sharp competition – места отдыха и развлечений
    negative attitude – негативное отношение

    39. We can’t wait for them any longer, we must ring them up and find __________ what has happened.

    40. Установите связь между словосочетанием и его переводом
    maintained school – местные органы народного образования
    system of options – система выбора предметов для изучения
    local education authorities – субсидируемые школы