Раскрыть скобки и заполнить пропуски

  • Open the brackets. Откройте скобки.
    1. He doesn’t know what the word (mean).
    2. I didn’t think that he (look) like his father very much.
    3. We decided that when winter (come), we (ski and skate) every Sunday.
    4. The landlady remembered that my parents (stay) at her house once.
    5. We didn’t suppose that they (can come) across each other in that city.
    6. I won’t tell him that I (not work) at the moment.

    Insert modal verbs. Заполните пропуски модальные глаголами.
    7. I … play tennis in my youth, but I … play it anymore.
    8. … I keep the book till Monday?
    9. … you tell me the way to the nearest bank?
    10. We … leave yet. We’ve got plenty of time.
    11. She seems to be in trouble. We … help her.
    12. When you come to London, you … come and see us.
    13. I am afraid I … settle this problem till Friday.
    14. I’ve bought everything, so you … go shopping.
    15. She has recovered and … stay in bed.
    16. Do you know if David is at home? – He … be in his office but I am not sure.
    17. Are they British? – Yes, they … be British.
    18. John … visit his parents more often.
    19. I think Tom … accept the job offer.

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