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    Exercise 4 . Answer the questions . 1 . What working position is the best for you? 2 . Are you accustomed to working under pressure? 3 . Are you accustomed to a red tape job? 4 . Do you want to be an executive or an administrator of a big com pany? What should you do for it? 5 . What qualities do you need to be an executive of the company? 6 . What does it mean to be a competent manager ?

    Exercise 5 . Supply the articles where necessary . Translate
    principal trends of our activities are :
    — training, retraining, enhancing skills and establishing the system of continuous education of managers and specialists in the field of personnel management as . .whole ;
    - establishing the criteria and methods of personnel selection and qualification of personnel and social development works - -
    providing . .personnel activities with effective personnel technologies, developing and putting into practice modern forms and methods of . .personnel management ;
    - studying and sharing . .world experience of . .personnel ma nagement, consulting in . .field of personnel management .