Помогите, пожалуйста, с заданием

  • Поставьте английские предложения в отрицательную (-) и вопросительную (?) формы и определите функцию глагола “to have”.
    Example: 1. My brother has got a family. - My brother hasn’t got a family. - смысловой глагол!
    2. They have their English in the morning.
    3. We have a good collection of books at home.
    4. Ann has a comfortable flat.
    5. We usually have porridge for breakfast.
    6. My parents had a telephone in their old flat.
    7. She’s got a son and a daughter.
    8. My children have a lot of friends.
    9. Ben had some money on him yesterday.
    10. Cranny has a very comfortable arm-chair in her room.
    11. Mary had two children then, but now she has got three.
    12. My father often has a lot of work to do.
    13. He had a lot of work to do last week.
    14. I always have enough time to help him.
    15. His little son often has cold.