I want to find pen-friends

  • Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My name is Nadi. Actually I like the English language and want to improve it.
    I will be waiting your letters!!!!!!

  • Hi! My name is Masha. I am from Samara. Where are you from?

  • Hi Nadi
    If you want to find new pen friends then enter to E-baby.com
    This site is special for english learners.I think it will help you

  • Hi! my name is Nataly! I graduated from teachers` training institute for foreign languages but unfortunately I dont have any possibility to develop my language and professional skills now!
    may be this site and u will help me! please, write!
    I am waiting! my e-mail - natalyrudenko@rambler.ru

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  • Oou! I'm Heppy. I read your liters and i liked. I need help in lirning english. Write me mayra.bek@bk.ru or whatsApp 79996706491 weiting

  • Masha
    Hi, Masha!!!!!!!!!
    How are you? Thank you for you letter and execuse me that I am writting to you so late.
    As for me I am from Buelarus. I am a student of BSU. And what abou you? Write me KORNADINE@mail.ru

  • Hi,everybody!I like English, and I want to improve it!!!!Can you write me PLEASE!!! ras8@land.ru

  • Do you know a colloquialism - Google is rulezzzz!!!!
    Заходите на google.com и вбиваете туда слово чат (только на английском). Ходите по чатам и собираете у народа аськи и мыла! Вот вам и друзья по переписки!

  • Привет всем! Хочу улучшить свой английский!Моя аська:

  • Hi,Anya!I'm Jenn.I adore Eng.I'm from Voronezh & want 2 have friends very much!!!

  • привет!я хочу улучшить свои навыки в английском языке.
    пожалуйста добавляйтесь в аську и пишите мне!!!