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  • 2.4 Use the Past Indefinite or the Past Continuous instead of the infinitives in
    brackets. In some sentences the Passive Voice is required.
    1. At lunch the rain still (to pour). 2. After breakfast he (to rise) from the table and (to light) a cigarette. 3. Peter (to walk) aimlessly up and down the room for a long time. He (not to know) what to do. 4. On Sunday morning the weather (to be) unusually lovely. The sun (to shine) brightly in the cloudless sky. It (to be) such a pleasure to be out in the open air. 5. Mrs. Oliver (to have) her breakfast in bed when the telephone (to ring). 6. They (to discuss) where to spend he weekend for an hour or two. Finally it (to settle): they all (to go) to Brighton. 7.”I (to have) an interesting conversation with Catherine when Paul (to appear) and (to interrupt) us” (to say) Dora. 8. While we (to watch) the last scene, Jean's warm tears (to fall) upon the back on my hand one by one, like raindrops in spring. 9. She (to get) into bed, (to lay) her head on the pillow and in two minutes (to sleep) like a child. 10. They (to be) all alarmed by the news that he (to return) and (to bring) his wife with him. 11. He (to make) good in French as be (to teach) by an experienced teacher. 12. He (to be) in a hurry and (can) not wait till I (to finish) eating. 13. I (to go) quietly into the room. She (to sit) by the window staring at something. 14.Their talk (to interrupt) by a loud knock. Ann (to open) the door. A small pale boy (to stand) behind it. 15. They (to wander) about the forest for several hours. At last they (to decide) to return.