Помогите пожалйста

  • Listen again and end the conversation.
    Supervisor: H Mr. Sanders. How is work on this new product going
    1__________coming with me?
    Developer-everything is going great. Were in phase 2 of 2_______
    Executive Director: Good. I just wanted to say that you and your team
    I did 3__________
    concept development.
    Developer: thank you. We have worked very hard on this
    Executive Director: I can tell you. All of you 4_________

    patting on the back for all your work.
    Developer: think for yourself. We really tried to make this chip bigger
    durable and efficient than the ones we were
    Executive Director: I am sure that this will be the case. When do you think you'll be there
    Developer: hope to finish within 6 years _________