Emphasis. Помогите составить 5-6 предложений на одну из тем.

  • Get ready to make a speech on one of the following topics. Use different ways of adding emphasis. An example of the speech is given below.

    1. the case for being a vegetarian
    2. there should be nothing on TV for 2 days a week
    3. people should retire at 50
    4. why English is the worst language to act as a world language
    5. why your school is the best
    6. why privately owned vehicles should be banned from the city centre
    7. why your country should host the next Olympic Games
    8. the punishment should fit the crime
    9. the vote should be given to all people from the age of 16

    ‘Ladies and gentlemen! I would like to talk to you for a moment about the current situation. Never before has this country faced such a crisis point and what is needed is courage and honesty. Should we fail to deal with the situation firmly, the consequences could be absolutely disastrous for us all. Ii is at moments such as this that the true character of a nation shines through, but I seriously believe that the right action taken now ill resolve the problems that have faced us so menacingly. What we must all realize is that the way ahead is hard, and sacrifices must be made, but on no account and in no circumstances must our resolve be shaken. It is quite obvious that those who do not firmly believe, as I do, that this is so, are mistaken. Were we to act as they suggest, we would face a situation from which we might never recover, and this must not be allowed to happen. I sincerely hope that you will join me in saying ‘Yes’ to what I am proposing because saying ‘No’ would mean not only that I was defeated but also that I was wrong. Thank you.’