Let's talk about Spiderman film

  • Hello
    I want to speak with you only in English, because I want to know it very much and to make good sentences, so if you notice mistakes, report me please.

    I want to discuss recently released film "Spiderman 3". What do you think of it?
    As for me, I am a fan of spiderman from my childhood and I liked first part of film, but I think it was lacked for action. No, there was action but to little spiderman in first film. There were dialogs, drama, humor, but very little of spiderman. All other things were great and well-engineered.
    The 2-nd installment is perfect in all sides. There are all things, which it must have. I watched this film in cinema and I was shocked by scene with train – it was so tense and awesome! It is one of the best films in world film industry.
    The 3-rd film was disappointing. The main fault is bad characters – they simply appear when it is necessary to do some fight for spiderman. It seems director shot film for about 20 minutes, then he thought: “it is long time without fighting, so lets do it. So, we need bad guy… let him be some monster from sand, ok!” – and that is all. Unlike first 2 films, director didn’t explain us technical facet of story. For example, why that guy became sandman, what was that experiment, where did black parasite come from? I can continue.
    So, what do you think of this nevertheless great movie?
    Let’s talk about it. I really need practice in conversation.

  • "Spiderman 3" was expected a long time.
    Costs of this film are very huge,
    many people went to see it to cinemas,
    and profit was a great.
    But, as for me, this film was weighed in the balance and found wanting! It has too many graphic and computer scenes but sense of the film not worthy of respect...