Переписка на английском

  • Heh. Almost everybody keep on being offline.

  • Ksenia hi, Ksenia. my name is Emma. how old are you? let'communicate in english, i haven't ICQ, i have MSN. but i think we can communicate in this forum, do you agree?

  • 249539141 i wait for us

  • veter374@mail.ru

  • Хачу научтса абщатса на ангийсом!
    Пишите мне :)

  • вот два моих координата :)

  • ganuriya@yandex.ru

  • icq 2206052

  • Hi, I'll be very glad to communicate with you. . Please send by me e-mail:kudina.72@mail.ru or me number icq-426-992-958
    Sincerely yours

  • ICQ 193211462 Write me.