Improving conversational skills

  • Hi! My name's David. My level's B2-C1, I'm looking for someone who has same level as me and wants to improve his/her current degree of speaking. Regarding myself: in my studying I use different instruments such as Apps (LingueLeo, Puzzle English); watching movie, TV shows (British accent: "Doctor Who", "Good Omens" etc, American Eng: "The Big Bang Theory". "Friends" etc); watching YouTube bloggers; listen audiobooks; reading books.
    If you have same passion as me, your level is similar, then write me here

  • Hello, I am Aruzhan! I like speaking in English , so I always wanted to have a friend from abroad. In nariveEnglish I met Rassel who moved in Kazakhstan. I am still practicing my English with my american friend and he is still have some problems with the getting correct information where and how he can get different stuff and services. I recommend where you can find information about everything.

  • Hello, I am Fariza. I'd like to practice too, how can I contact you?

  • Hi Fariza. If you want to try talks on Skype or the similar platforms, right me on

  • My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybady calls me Giorgio

  • hello guys, how are u doing
    I need forigner to talk in english every day