Помогите пожалуйста с заданием

  • Complete this intranet post about email guidelines with a, an or the.

    Here are some guidelines for using email at RML Digital:
    • Think carefully about what you write - emails can be
    permanent records. Even if you delete (1)____________
    email, (2)__________recipient could keep their copy.
    He or she might also forward (3)__________email to
    other people.
    • Make (4)___________subject line clear and short.
    • If you receive (5)___________important email, try
    to send (6)________quick ‘thanks’ message in
    reply. It only takes a few seconds and it may stop someone worrying that the email didn’t get through.
    • If you are copying emails to people who don’t know
    each other, use (7)_______‘Bcc’ line so that they
    can’t see each other’s email addresses.
    • Check attachment size before sending! Some email systems limit attachments to 10 MB or less.
    • (8)__________standard RML Digital signature should
    be on all emails sent from the company.