Английский язык

  • Use the Passive voice and name the tenses used; omit the "by phrase' where it is not needed.
    A. 4. We don't speak Russian here. 5. Several companies produce such a telephone. 6. Does the shop sell textbooks? 7. People learn English more quickly than Russian. 8. You can casily lock this door, but you can't easily unlock it. 9. What do we say at thend of a letter? 10. How do you pronounce these words?
    B. 1. They did everything in time, 2. He lost his keys at the busstop. 3. What questions did they ask at the exam? 4. Perhaps, a little child this. 5. Did they easily understand you? 6. We didn't even discuss that question. 7. No, quite another teacher taught me. 8. Did Uncle Podger hang the picture himself? 9. When did Columbus discover America? 10. Nobody knows who invented the wheel.

  • Образцы А Russian is not spoken here (is spoken present simple passive)
    B Everything was done in time ( was done past simple passive)