Срочно надо сделать помогите пожалуйста

  • Ex. 1. a) Read the international words and guess their meaning. Mind the stress.
    'legal 'system pro'fession characte'ristic
    'type 'function so'licitor speciali'zation
    'form 'problem ca'reer proble'matic
    'plan 'action ex'treme
    'clerk 'practice spe'cific
    'office 'advocate prac'titioner
    'status 'business tra'ditional
    'expert 'structure for'malities
    'client 'barrister pro'cedure

    Ex. 2. Pair the words in column B with the ones from column A.
    A. senior B. barrister
    Vocational degree
    law course
    extreme documents
    accused exam
    professional advocate
    necessary matters
    civil advice
    day-to-day structure
    variety (of) action
    personal person
    general interview
    career formalities
    legal practitioner

  • Смотрите все слова в словаре, в первом можно и так узнать эксперт , клиент, интервью.