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  • IV. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: 1. A: Why are you moving all those books? B: _________________________________ (I/change) offices tomorrow. 2. A: What would you like to drink? B: ___________________ (I/have) some mineral water, please. 3. A: I don’t know how to work this computer programme. B: Don’t worry. ___________________ (I/show) you. 4. A: Have you decided where to go on your birthday? B: Yes, it’s all planned. ___________________ (we / go) to that new restaurant I told you about. 5. A: Did you remember to call David? B: No, I forgot. ___________________ (I/do) it now. 6. A: ___________________ (I/go) to the shops. Do you want a sandwich? B: No thanks. ___________________ (I/get) something later.1.I’m not really sure but I think I _________________ (try) the Caesar salad. 2. We’re so excited about our holiday – we _______________ (see) the Taj Mahall. 3. The meeting _________________ (start) at ten tomorrow so please be here by nine-thirty. 4. No thanks, I’m full up. I _________________ (think / not / have) any more. 5. Peter hates buses so he _________________ (probably / come) by car. 6. The company _________________ (open) the new factory on January 1st next year. 7. Look at those black clouds, I think there _______________ (be) a storm. 8. I can’t see you next Tuesday because I _______________ (attend) a conference. 9. We haven’t set an exact date but the wedding _____________ (definitely / be) sometime in the spring.