future continuous and future perfect

  • здраствуйте нужно заполнить область используя future continuous and future perfect
    In twenty years' time most people ---------------------the Internet.
    By this time next year we ------------------- into our new house.
    When he retires, he ----------------- for fifty years.
    4. By 2050 holidaymakers --------to the Moon.
    5. As soon as we reach the coast, we -------------- for a week.
    6. They -------- the station by November.
    7 . I ----------w--------- for a new job while you are in Madrid.
    8. He will come back in summer. By then he ------------ in Cork for two years.
    9 . At midnight the speakers --------------- their projects for ten hours.
    10. When we go to see our kids, they --------at the camp for a tonight.

  • Чисто теоретическое упражнение.
    Там, где есть сочетание с предлогом By или сложноподчиненное предложение , в составе которого есть сочетание с предлогои FOR, будет перефектное время.
    Исключение составляет предложение 7.
    В последнем предложение вы, наверное. хотели наприсать FOR A FORTNIGHT.