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  • Ta\h^ Complete the magayne extniit below with werSsfrvin the Ьих.
    a. overseas A. niche c. competitive d. domestic e. target
    Solange Brousseau, a French fruit farmer, has always done very well т the
    1) market - her fruit sells well throughout France Recently she started producing a traditional recipe for *poires tapees
    She found it was a successful
    2) mcirket she only sold to tourists but they all loved her local specialty Because of her success, other farmers quickly copied her and «^D there was soon a 3) maiket for poires tapees everyone wanted the tourist business
    Solange realized the Internet provided a golden opportunity for finding new
    (.ustomers in 4} mai kets, especially in other countries in the European Union Her 5) market is food shops abroad which want to sell local specialties from different countries
    * poii estupee^French) = pears cooked for a long time to gi\e them a sliong flavor
    ГжА 6 Tranilate into English