Ролевая игра

  • Possibilities role-play
    Sales manager

    ‘You are a sales manager and you are meeting your boss, the sales director, to request two
    ‘more members of staff for your team, You have made a note of some of the benefits that can
    be expected if you get the new staff. Use conditional sentences to explain to the sales
    director what he/she can expect if your team is increased by two new salespeople.

    Increase overall sales

    Provide better service for important clients
    Find more new customers

    Get more money from existing customers

    Sales director

    ‘You are sales director listening to a request from your sales manager for two more
    salespeople for his/her team, Use conditional sentences to explain the increases in
    performance you expect if you agree to the increase in staff.

    * 15 % increase in overall sales
    * 10% increase in sales to important clients
    + 15.% increase in profit from new customers