Фонетические явления английский язык

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    "You're afraid to," said Jessie May.
    "I'm not frightened," said Lena. Suddenly she gave a little cry and danced in front of the other
    girls. "Watch! Watch me! Watch me now!" said Lena. And slowly, dragging one foot, laughing be- hind her hand, Lena went over to the Kelveys.
    Lil looked up from her dinner. She wrapped the rest quickly away. Else stopped eating. What was coming now?
    "Is it true you're going to be a servant when you grow up, Lil Kelvey?" cried Lena at the top of her voice.
    Dead silence. But instead of answering, Lil only gave her foolish smile. She didn't seem to ob- ject to the question at all. What a disappointment for Lena. The girls began to laugh. , Lena couldn't bear that. She went forward. "Your father's in prison!" she cried hatefully.