нужно диалог в косвенную речь перевести, помогите плииз

  • “You travel a lot, don’t you?”
    "Oh, yes, I love travelling, and I spend much of my time visiting different parts of the world, sometimes on business and sometimes for pleasure.”
    “Have you ever travelled by plane?”
    “Yes. I always go by air on my business journeys, but when I travel for pleasure, I usually go by train and ship. It’s so interesting getting to know the other passengers, and of course, I enjoy being on the sea in any kind of weather.”
    “Very many of my journeys have been made by train.
    I find it quite pleasant, but not in the holiday season when there are so many people that you have to stand all the way."
    “I quite agree with you. Then, of course, it’s better to go by car.”