кто может проверить? помогите пожалуйста)

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    maddy bragg

    “good” (adj)
    1. having the right qualities – доброкачественный, хороший
    a good fire; a good soil
    2. efficient, competent – умелый, искусный
    a good programmer/driver
    be good at (mathematics, etc.) – хорошо знать/владеть чемлибо
    He is good at programming.
    3. pleasing, advantageous – хороший, приятный
    It’s good news.
    4. Запомните выражения:
    a) It’s good for you (to do smth)… – Вам полезно (делать чтолибо) …
    b) It’s not good for you (to do smth)… – Вам вредно (делать чтолибо) …
    Sun is good for you.
    well” (adv) – in a right or satisfactory manner – хорошо
    The children behaved well.
    He is a wellknown painter.
    1. The view of the garden is very good from the window.
    2. Peter can well understand the good enthusiasm of huge crowds at stadiums.
    He is a football fan.
    3. She is good …prepared for the test. She is such a good student.
    4. She looks well after a long journey.
    5. The test is good…done. You are a good researcher.
    6. It is a good known fact that this resort is well for health.
    7. Everybody likes good news.
    8. We deserve a good . rest after so much hard work.
    9. It isn’t not good good or you to have everything you want.
    10. We met this well …dressed young man at the meeting.
    11. It is good for him to go in for sport.

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    Много ошибок.
    Обратите внимание на предложения 3, 4, 5, 6.