Complete the sentences with one word.

  • Example: Slim is the "opposite" of fat.
    1 Students, please work in _______. Tell your partner about a famous photo.
    2 When we’re on holiday we _______ an apartment because we don’t like hotels.
    3 They got married _______ Valentine’s Day.
    4 Why do you always use my dictionary? Give it _______; I need it.
    5 I didn’t spend much _______ when I was on holiday.
    6 I don’t have enough _______ to do my work and help you.
    7 They aren’t at home. They’ve gone _______ for the weekend.
    8 I’m sorry, he isn’t here. He’s _______ work.
    9 Did you _______ any souvenirs while you were abroad?
    10 I always wear _______ and sports socks when I do sport. If not, my feet hurt.

  • 5 I didn’t spend much _______ when I was on holiday.Я не потратил много... когда был в отпуске. Что вставите?
    Вот так и с остальными, сначала переведите.

  • 1. Pairs
    2. Stay
    3. On
    4. Back
    5. Money
    6. Time
    7. Away
    8. At
    9. Bring
    10. Sports sneakers