Тест по английскому языку

  • 40.<question>Complete the sentence: “If John ___ the local race, he will take part in the national championship”.
    <variant>doesn’t win
    <variant>would win
    <variant>will win

    41.<question>Complete the sentence: “If Rosie___ pass the exams, she will enter the university”.
    <variant>would pass
    <variant>will pass
    <variant>doesn’t pass

    42.<question>Complete the sentence: “I ___ in case I am not right”.
    <variant>would apologize
    <variant>have apologized
    <variant>will apologize
    <variant>has apologized

    43.<question>Complete the sentence: “If Mike joined the studio, he ___ a great dancer”.
    <variant>will be
    <variant>had become
    <variant>will become
    <variant>would become

    44.<question>Complete the sentence: “If I were you, I ___ about the incident”.
    <variant>wouldn’t worry
    <variant>wouldn’t have worry
    <variant>hadn’t have worried
    <variant>will worry
    <variant>be worry

    45.<question>Complete the sentence: “If Jack hadn’t passed all the exams, he ___ the university”.
    <variant>hadn’t finished
    <variant>will finish
    <variant>didn’t finish
    <variant>wouldn’t have finished

    46.<question>Choose the right Conditionals: “If temperature is zero, water freezes”.

    47.<question>Choose the right Conditionals: “If I were you, I would drive more carefully in the rain”.

    48.<question>Choose the right Conditionals: “If the weather had been nice 2 days ago, I would have gone to the beach”.

    49.<question>Choose the right Conditionals: “If I had gone to Egypt, I could have learned Arabic”.

    50.<question>Choose the right Conditionals: “If my father hadn’t lost his keys, we wouldn’t have missed the TV show”.

    51.<question>Choose the right Conditionals:“ If I go to the cinema, I will meet all my friends there”.

    52.<question>Choose the right Conditionals: “If it rains, I will not go to the park”.

    53.<question>Why didn’t you let ____ his own way?
    <variant>him to have
    <variant>him have
    <variant>he has

    54.<question>Let ___ whatever they want; I don’t care.
    <variant>to do
    <variant>they do
    <variant>them do
    <variant>them to do

    55.<question>The people on the platform watched ___ at the station.
    <variant>the train arrive
    <variant>to arrive
    <variant>the train to arrive
    <variant>the train arrived

    56.<question>The basket is full of dirty clothes. Do you ___ to wash them?
    <variant>expect they
    <variant>expect me
    <variant>expect that I
    <variant>expect I

    57.<question>I am sorry I didn’t hear ___ my name.
    <variant>you call
    <variant>you were calling
    <variant>you to call
    <variant>to call
    <variant>that you call

    58.<question>Have you ever heard ___ in public places?
    <variant>to swear
    <variant>him swear
    <variant>him to swearing
    <variant>him to swear

    59.<question>Mary had nothing to read and I advised ___ a few books from the local library.
    <variant>her to borrow
    <variant>she to borrow
    <variant>her borrow
    <variant>they borrow

    60.<question>Did you watch ___ over that wall?
    <variant>boys climbed
    <variant>to climb
    <variant>the boys climb
    <variant>the boys to be climbing
    <variant>the boys to climb

    61.<question>His umbrella … quite a lot of money.
    <variant>is cost
    <variant>was cost
    <variant>have cost

    62.<question>Some time ago a letter from my brother … .
    <variant>has come
    <variant>has be come
    <variant>was come

    63.<question>The students … everything they need for their future profession.
    <variant>is taught
    <variant>was taught
    <variant>are taught

    64.<question>… to the children on time?
    <variant>Was the toys sent
    <variant>Were the toys been sent
    <variant>Did the toys send
    <variant>Did the toys were sent
    <variant>Were the toys sent

    65.<question>The Arabic language … in Turkey.
    <variant>isn’t been spoken
    <variant>don’t spoken
    <variant>don’t speak
    <variant>not spoken
    <variant>isn’t spoken

    66.<question>This door … when there are not many people in the shop.
    <variant>was close
    <variant>is been closed
    <variant>is closed

    67.<question>… a card to your parents?
    <variant>Were you been written
    <variant>Was you write
    <variant>Were you written
    <variant>Did you write
    <variant>Did you written

    68.<question>William Shakespeare … Romeo and Juliet.
    <variant>was written
    <variant>was wrote
    <variant>is written

    69.<question>“Oliver Twist” and “Domby and Son” … by Charles Dickens.
    <variant>was written
    <variant>were written
    <variant>were been written
    <variant>is written
    <variant>are written

    70.<question>In 1926 the theatre … by fire.
    <variant>was been destroyed
    <variant>is destroyed
    <variant>was destroyed
    <variant>were destroyed

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