Want to speak in english

  • Hello!!! My ICQ 491033972

  • Hi! My name is Kate! Write to me please: 353050105, kateemerald@rambler.ru

  • I want to communicate with native-speakers of English. My name is Julia. My ICQ 418-764-732

  • aminolevulinic
    Hello! :) Let's corresponde with you in English! What do you do in life? Do you have any hobbies? Tell me something about yourself!

  • Hello!:) Let's corresponde with you in English! Tell me something about yuorself!

  • Hello/ I am Liza

  • So, if you want to speak english, speak it. There are meny english clubs in Moscow.

  • I Want to speak in english. My name is Lena
    skype: stella220785
    e-mail: stella220785@mail.ru

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  • hi. my name's Vladimir. My english isn't enough well. tell the true, it's very bad. and i want to know it well. help me.