Помогите, пожалуйста, с тестом

  • |. Complete each gap with the word from the box:
    bill, booked, chops, course, credit, dessert, list, service, starter, tip.
    Have you been to 'The Marque'? We went yesterday and it was great. I'm glad we (1) ________because the restaurant was full. I asked the waiter to bring us a wine (2)______so that we could decide what to drink. For my (3)________I chose garlic mushrooms, and for my main (4)_______I ordered a casserole with pork, sage and wine. For (6)______I had crume caramel with ice cream. I asked our waiter to bring the (7)______and i had to pay cash because they wouldn't take (8)_____cards. I left the waiter quite a large (9)_____ as I was very pleased with the (10)_________.

    ||. Rewrite sentences in reported speech
    1. "Take these bags, please" she asked me
    2. "When did you paint this room"? my parents inquired
    3. "We have never tried any drugs" they claim ____________________________.
    4. "They are going to assess our written exams tomorrow" said a student
    5. "Sit still and don't move your head," said the doctor to me.
    6. She said to Boris: "When will you be back home?"

    |||. Choose "food", "dish" or "meal" and complete the sentences
    1. Processed__________tends to be deficient in essential nutrients.
    2. The menu includes a wide selection of vegeterian_________.
    3. The price includes accommodiation, breakfast and evening______________.
    4. People are willing to pay more for organic__________.
    5. After the movie we went for a _______________ in a Chinese restaurant.
    6. You need to have three square_______________a day.

  • 1. booked, list, starter, course, desert, bill, tip, service.

    2. She asked me to take those bags.
    My parents inquired when I had painted that room.
    They claim that they have never tried any drugs.
    A student said that they were going to assess their written exams the next day.
    The doctor told me to sit still and not to move my head.
    She asked Boris when he would be back home.

    3. Food, dishes, meal, food, meal, meals.