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  • 1)Choose true sentence according to the text. Homemaking...

    So, after my first baby arrived, I felt for years that I had the perfect job. I was my own boss. I could work when I wanted andhave a rest when I wanted. If I didn't feel like cleaning or doing the shopping and wanted to have a day off, that was fine. Nobody else would have to be asked to cover for me, my work could wait until I was ready to do it. Oh yes, it was hard work taking care of our home and our children and the hours were long, but the work was varied and very rewarding. In fact, being a homemaker was the perfect job for me. I was absolutely happy being a housewife and mum. Watching my children thrive, witnessing their first steps, hearing their first words and all the other milestones were worth more than any amount of money.
    А. was easier than combining full-time work and housework.
    В. prevented the family from having social life.
    С. made someone very happy.

    2)I... fora whole hour!
    А.am waiting
    В.have been waiting
    С.was waiting

    3)Moreover, career choices cannot be made based on just a few criteria alone. Your job may carry great monetary ... and perks.

    3)After they .. they cleared the table.
    А. eat
    В. have eaten
    С. had eaten

    4)We end up more... than we were at the beginning.


    5)But if you do not enjoy what you do then you are.. ...wasting a large part of your life.

    6)The biggest concern about people using the internet is ... addicted to it.

    7)The internet offers other alternatives, such as working from home and online shopping. Today you...gо out to buy goods or earn money.
    А. haven't to
    В. don't have to

  • 2 b, 3b, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6a, 7b
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