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    Fill in the gaps using infinitive, bare infinitive or gerund.

    She is hoping (GO) to the concert.

    She likes (DANCE)
    He watched the bird (FLIES) away.

    I decided (TO TAKE) a nap.

  • She is hoping (TO GO) to the concert.
    We can use 'to + infinitive' with 'hope' for the future. When we use 'to + infinitive', the subject is the same as the subject of 'hope'.
    • I hope to come to the party tomorrow. (=I hope I can come to the party tomorrow.)
    • I hope to run a marathon this year.

    She likes (TO DANCE)
    Like and love can be followed by the -ing form and the to + infinitive form. They are both correct.

    He watched the bird (FLY) away.
    SEE, WATCH, HEAR, LISTEN, FEEL, SMELL, NOTICE, OBSERVE + object + bare infinitive

    I decided (TO TAKE) a nap.
    Correct. “Decide to” is followed by the infinitive.