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  • The human heart contracts from the first moment of life until the last one. The contractions of the heart pump the
    blood through the arteries to all the parts of the body. Physiologists have determined that in the adult the heart makes from 60 to 72 beats per minute. In children the rate of heart
    beat is much higher. Research work has determined that rate of heart beat increases depending on different emotions.
    Each beat of the heart is followed by a period of rest. Each contraction and a period of rest compose a cardiac cycle.
    Each cardiac cycle consists of three phases: the first phase of short contraction -- the atrial systole, the second phase of a more prolonged contraction - the ventricular systole. The period of rest is called the diastole.
    Research work of many physiologists has estimated the role of the ventricles as the main pump of the human heart.

  • 1. What the contracts of the heart do with the body?
    2. How many times a minute does the heart contract in the adult?
    3. What the rate of the heart beat depends on?
    4. What is the cariac cycle composed of?
    5. What phases does the cardiac cycle consist of?
    6. What is the main phase of the cardiac cycle?