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  • Foxy ещё стоит добавить что на молодых педагогов всегда вешают всех собак, часто ставят "замены"...и закончить наверное всё-таки лучше тем что с опытом таких проблем станет меньше.
    используйте материалы этой статьи http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/466600/the_problem_with_young_teachers.html
    здесь 2 абзаца вам в самый раз

  • Нужно срочно топик Ideal upbringing!!!!
    помогите, плз!!

  • спасибо большое=)

  • Пожалуйста! Помогите мне! Нужна тема "Would you like to be famous?" причем очень нежелательно переходить на личности, должна быть развернутой, но не длинной, где-то поллиста А4, нужно всунуть достоинства и недостатки известности... Умоляю HELP. У меня два дня, а тем больше 20... не успеваю физически...

  • здраствуйте!Помогите найти топик на тему Серверовка стола

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  • could you help me? i want a topic about : " you have a boyvriend and you ara going on holiday with him and he is starting to talk about marriage children and wseet home but there is an other boy that you like what shuold you do?

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    why don't you write it by yourself. your english is quite good. more to the point, there's your own thoughts which you can express by means of English. you may also write this topic in Russian and i'll translate it to English.

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    though, on the other hand, if you could write it by yourself you wouldn't have applied for the help to do it for you. i'll try to write something...

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    He'd been waiting for her at the station for 30 minutes from the time they had arranged to meet. She hadn't been coming yet. He was nervous. "She'd never been on time," - he calmed himself by thinking on this way. The day before he had been drinking in a pub until its closing and didn't remember anything even why he had drunk so much. Staying and thinking of it he began to fill the gaps in his memory step by step...
    They were coming back from the holiday and that day he told her all that he had always wished to say: he proposed her a marriage, he said that they would have children and they would be happy living all together in a sweet house that he was going to build for them. But she said nothing then. She was thinking of something else and not listening to him. She couldn't open her heart to the one with whom she were as it could broke his weak heart. But sooner or later she would have to tell all to him. She thought that the time had come. So she took a deep breath and said as cautiously as she could that she'd been in love with another man. There was a silent for a minute or two. He couldn't believe in what she had said. But it was said and that meant she was going to give him up. He really loved her that's why he decided to let her go.