желающим практиковаться!

  • This is my one - 403 657 954

  • Write to me! I'll be very glad! 474270924

  • Hi! I want find penpals! And I will go to Malta (soon). May be anybody else?

  • ME TOO!!! I'd like to improve my English and Have a lot of practice!!! I prefere speak by skype - Jovanna777 wait for answer!

  • I just arrived from Malta. If you'd like speak about it - go ahead!!! By skype - Jovanna777

  • and write to me 483007460! it is so boring to me...

  • 379491927

  • Jenya
    Hello. let's speak english. Where are you from? By the way, you made one mistake in your message. (We will be able to help each other).You dropped a letter "be". I hope to get your answer.

  • Jovanna
    Tell me,please, American people don't use present and past perfect in there speaking. don't they? We had been learning to tell this way (i just have got from....) for all our school years,

  • Hi everyone. I'm Alibina. I'm 24 years old. My ISQ 394754271. My e-mail address luxu@pochta.ru