Break The Habit Of Speaking Russian All The Time

  • golos, ecactly. A briliant idea!

  • You're exactly right, I meant. Good luck

  • Right you are, boys and girls. Just dont stop, carry on as long as you can. But please don't get carried away. the simpler the better you know.

  • I agree with you up to a point. When you stand out from a crowd it's not that bad sometimes. I mean if you're doing the right thing.

  • Lucky me.

  • I come along with nativespeaker. Every man should be diffrent by some way from people arounf him, overwise he wont be person. It`s our reallity and we live in it

  • Sory, he wont be a person-that`s right

  • It is a bit pleasant for me, that there are people like nativespeaker, who helps to learn this beautiful language by internet. Could you give me an advice. I have a big trouble, when I speaking with somebody. My speech is cut short suddenly, because of I can not recall the word(which I need) though I know it. I hope you understand me.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi! Thanks a lot for your letter.

    I see your problem. You need to start thinking in English. That's quite easy. Let me give you just one example.

    Suppose I would like to say 'I want to succeed'

    When I'm thinking about this word there are a lot of synonyms in my head:

    I want to do it very well
    I want to be successful
    I want to have (good/perfect/brilliant/impressive)results
    I want to get away from this and reach new heights
    I want to improve my current situation
    I want to change my life completely/dramatically
    I want to make it big etc.

    I can name many other phrases, you know.

    Use a good English-English dictionary. Above all, it's a matter of practice and surely time.

    Good luck

  • Hi !!! Tell how to remember all their these times so much who as with it struggled or struggles? How to fill up the dictionary dictionary?