People! What do you think?

  • Should I(we) learn grammatical structures that are not used in modern spoken English?

  • at the same time paying attention to only spoken English and its structores we won`t be able to learn ALL language But it`ll take much time....
    I`ve mixed up....

  • If one learns English or any other language, it is completely necessary to grasp from a language as much as possible. Otherwise, why do we study then? Moreover, most spoken English expressions can be heard from everywhere, not only from textbooks and teachers.

    P.S. Nobody can know everything. We should try to know more, however.

  • i partly agree with you but any way the topic is very interesting. By the by Have you got something like словарь англо-американских гоамматических сокращений?

  • Did you mean these an English abbreviations dictionary? I have a list of some of them:

    A. C. AC - ante Christum - лат. до нашей эры
    A. D. - Anno Domini - лат. нашей эры
    B. C. - before Christ - до нашей эры
    C'mon - come on
    Gimme - give me
    Gonna - Going to
    Gotcha - got you
    Gotta - (have) got to
    Kinda - kind of
    Lemme - let me
    Letcha - let you
    Lotsa - lots of
    Lotta - lot of
    Outa - out of
    Wanna - want to
    Ya - you
    Yeah - yes
    Yep - yes
    Yr. - younger

    and many other abbreviations as well.

  • thanks a lot