What can make us feeling admiration?

  • First of all, let’s think about your favorite time passing, in short hobby. There’re such kinds like collecting smth, hand-making, working in garden or another, not less exciting, growing cactuses on window shelf, traveling, art. Be sure I can list great number of ways you waste time.
    Well, then I’d like to notice the major kind of amusement – sex. I think everybody will agree that that healthy and pleasant occupation, like an active love, bring us not only good mood, strong health but a lot of heavenly enjoy! Imagine yourself trying to seclude with friend to let passion break out. Anyway, you can get a kick out of sex anytime and anywhere, the only thing to be important is your partner. Making a pleasure to the both of you from the bottom of your hearts isn’t so easy as at first glimpse. In effect, orgasm doesn’t come upon everyone.
    I say, we’re to pay enough attention to gain ground in happy life.

  • If you are immoral, don't let others see it. Don't send all this rubbish! You know nothing about life! Finally, your terrible mistakes ... Needless to say, you need to study Elementary English grammar, I suppose, instead of showing your low intellect and poor English skills. Good luck

  • I can be surprised or admired by usual things. I can say Oh! or any other exclamations to a big insect or something beautiful. I think less people know the life more they surprise. The last admiration was the book 'Shagreen leather'.

  • There is no need to live by the rules of society.
    However I think this message is absolutely irregular and has no sense at all.

  • I guess the author of the topic doesn't quite understand the purpose of this forum which is to help people in learning English.