общение с иностранцами

  • Hello, I would like to practice in english)

  • hi everybody! I'm learning english and i would like to communicate with someone, who know it good enought, of course. Skype,message)))
    Who want to talk, write to me)))

  • Hi all, I'm from Austin, Texas. Teach the Russian language. write to the email violettacrowford@gmail.com . I also have ICQ 168362373. Write, I shall be very glad.

  • Julia Yes,of course.Let"s talk.

  • Приветик всем!

  • Привет всем. Здесь кто нибудь еще сидит ? если да,то пишите на irochka1036@mail.ru очень хочу найти новых знакомых..а может и друзей. Так же переписка на английском языке.

  • Hello I want on to learn about English as I know English on 4. I live in Russia and I very strongly would like to communicate from other country and I want to find the Englishman and will make friends with it

  • Hi foreign friends. Who wants to practice the Russian language, please call the Skype! my name is Emil, I'm 22 years old. Need practice English.
    Skype: emil_olimpic

  • Iwant to inprove my English.

  • Hello Nik