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  • A for effort
    оценка за старание
    The children in the nursery school received an A for effort for their drawings of animals.
  • above average
    выше среднего
    Tim's grades were always above average in all subjects.
  • as easy as ABC
    очень легко
    It is not difficult for most children to learn how to use a cell phone; actually it is as easy as ABC.
  • back to basics
    возврат к традиционному образованию
    Miss Potters is sure that it is necessary to go back to basics if you want to get good results.
  • below average
    ниже среднего
    The results of the English test were below average, and the teacher was very upset.
  • bookworm
    книжный червь (человек, который много читает)
    Pauline is said to be a bookworm; she is very fond of reading books.
  • brainstorm something
    мозговой штурм чего-либо
    The students decided to brainstorm ideas for the homecoming ball.
  • call the roll
    проверка присутствующих, перекличка
    The teacher called the roll and found out that four students were absent from class.
  • cap and gown
    академическая одежда для церемоний в университете (берет и мантия)
    The university students are supposed to wear cap and gown to the graduation ceremony.
  • catch up to (someone or something)
    догнать кого-либо, в том числе в учёбе, в состязаниях
    Diane was ill for a month and missed a lot of classes; now she is trying to catch up to the students of her class.
  • count noses
    считать людей "считать по головам"
    "I'll have to count noses before I take the children out for a walk."
  • cover a lot of ground
    охватить много учебного материала
    The students covered a lot of ground in their Geography class at college.
  • cow college
    сельскохозяйственный колледж
    My mother wants me to go to a cow college, but I'd rather enter a medical school.
  • crack a book
    открывать книгу (для занятий, уроков)
    Jim should have cracked a book long before the end of term.
  • crank out a paper
    писать что-либо механически, не думая
    At the university I used to crank out a paper to be able to pass exams.
  • cut class
    пропускать занятия
    There is no excuse for the students' cutting class.
  • draw a blank
    потерпеть неудачу, ничего не добиться
    He called the hotel, his father's office and his club. He drew a blank everywhere.
  • drop out of school
    выбыть из школы, бросить учёбу
    Melanie dropped out of college at the end of the first year.
  • fill (something) in
    вставить слова в пропуски
    The assignment was to fill in the appropriate words in the gaps.
  • fill in the blanks
    вставить слова в пропуски
    The assignment was to fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
  • flunk out
    исключать из учебного заведения за неуспеваемость; провалить какой-либо предмет
    I am afraid that I might flunk out of the art course at college.
  • from the old school
    (идеи) старой системы образования
    Evidently Ms Cruncher was from the old school because she forbade her grandchildren to watch TV.
  • get credit for (a course)
    получить зачёт
    Jack was not able to get credit for the History course though it was as easy as ABC.
  • get through (a course or set of material)
    завершить курс или учебный материал
    We were happy to get through a course in Astronomy at last; we thought the subject to be very dull.
  • goof off
    слоняться без дела, "филонить"
    Rick came at six, goofed off for an hour and then left.
  • have one's nose in a book
    читать книгу, "уткнуться в книгу"
    Whenever I see Liz, she always has her nose in a book.
  • higher education
    высшее образование
    I would like to get higher education that's why I am going to enter a university.
  • hit the books
    серьёзно готовиться к занятиям
    I had to read for my History exam, so I stayed home and hit the books.
  • honor roll
    список особо отличившихся студентов
    Mark Clemens, who is a very gifted student, was on the honor roll during his last year in high school.
  • in pen
    (писать) пером
    It is necessary to fill in documents in pen but not in pencil.
  • in pencil
    I wrote the exam in pencil in case I wanted to change some of the answers.
  • in single file
    стоять в ряд друг за другом
    The people lined up in single file before they entered the auditorium to watch a new film.
  • Ivy League
    небольшая группа наиболее престижных университетов
    Ivy League school is a small group of famous eastern United States universities such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton.
  • know one's ABCs
    знать основное о чём-либо, иметь базовые знания
    The woman in the library knew her ABC's and could quickly give me the information I needed.
  • learn by heart
    учить что-либо наизусть
    When I was a child, I was good at learning poems by heart; now my memory is not so good.