Идиомы на букву J

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  • jump all over (someone)
    бранить, порицать кого-либо, "наехать на кого-либо"
    As soon as I mentioned his debts, Frank jumped all over me. He told me it was none of my business.
  • jump at (something)
    ухватиться за что-либо
    Leo jumped at the chance to go to America and study at Harvard University. Who wouldn't?
  • jump bail
    не явиться в суд после освобождения под залог
    The police were afraid that the man might jump bail and leave the country.
  • jump down (someone's) throat
    разозлиться, выйти из себя
    My father jumped down my throat over the missing money.
  • jump on (someone)
    неожиданно наброситься на кого-либо \ критиковать кого-либо
    The students jumped on the secretary because she hadn't told them about the new schedule.
  • jump out of one's skin
    вздрогнуть, подскочить (от испуга, неожиданности)
    When Nancy heard moans and groans coming from the basement, she jumped out of her skin.
  • jump the gun
    сделать что-либо преждевременно
    Lora jumped the gun and started telling her friends about her forthcoming wedding.
  • jump the track
    сойти с рельс
    The train suddenly jumped the track and some of the passengers were injured.
  • jump through a hoop
    выполнять любое приказание
    Karina is always ready to jump through a hoop for her husband; she is too obedient to my mind.
  • jump to conclusions
    делать поспешные выводы
    "I don't want you to jump to conclusions because you don't know all the facts."