A Britt in South Africa was enjoying a ride...

A Britt in South Africa was enjoying a ride in his European car when an American zoomed by in a Corvette.

The Britt cursed, while the Corvette disappeared in the distance. The American chap however saw an Afrikaner struggling uphill on his stripped peddle bike. Just the bare essentials and a large bell, thats all the poor guy had.

He stopped and offered the Afrikaner a lift. "No thank you sir here in South Africa we don't sit in a car with white folks."

"In that case let me towe you up hill."

They agreed and the Corvette slowly pulled the Afrikaner up hill. Just then the Britt passed him in his white European car B Leland, no less, and stuck his middle finger in the air and waved menacingly. The American got mad, forgot he was towing the Afrikaner, and took off like a lightning bolt.

Going down hill they spotted a Police Car and slowed down some. The Trooper yanked his mike from the holder and shouted. "Look out for a white British B Leland followed by a Corvette and an Afrikaner behind ringing the bell trying to pass both. Lock him up."


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