Johnny missed his final exam due to the flu...

Johnny missed his final exam due to the flu, but he'd done so well during the year that the teacher suggests to the principal they give him an oral exam to make up for the test he'd missed. The principal agrees so they called Johnny into the office and explain about the oral test.

First the teacher asks, "Johnny what does a cow have four of, that I only have two of?"

Johnny replies, "Legs."

So the teacher asks, "Johnny, what do you have in your pants that I don't have in my pants?"

"Pockets," Johnny replies.

Finally the teacher asks, "And Johnny, what is the capital of Italy?"

"Rome," is his answer.

With that the teacher turns to the principal and asks, "Well, shall we pass him?"

"Better not ask me," the principal says, "I got the first two wrong!"

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