Mister Smith rushes into the maternity ward...

Mister Smith rushes into the maternity ward, "What's wrong? What's the emergency?"

"Oh, Mister Smith, your child was just born and I have some terrible news for you. It's disfigured." "Well, how bad is it? Can I see?" "Follow me, sir."

They head down a restricted corridor and come to the first door. Inside, in the respirator, is a newborn child without arms. Mister Smith is upset, "Oh my God! How terrible to be born this way!" The nurse interrupts, "No Mister Smith, that isn't your child. Follow me, please." They come to another room and there lies a newborn with no arms OR legs. Mister Smith cries, "Oh dear God! What could be worse than this?" "No mister Smith, that's not your child. Follow me." Next room down, Smith looks in. This kid is only a head. No body at all. "Oh my God! How awful! What could be worse than this?" "Not your child, sir. Follow me."

One more room left in the hall. Mister Smith forces himself to enter. There on a pillow is a single huge ear. "This is your child, Mister Smith."

Smitty goes nuts, "Oh Lord! What could possibly be worse than this!? But...It's still my son. I will talk to him, I will amuse him with bed-time stories. I will sing him lullabies..."

"Sir, it's deaf."

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