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He wouldn't say he cared at all if you asked him.
You're heading for a fall brother it goes right past him.
In another world he's in another place
you now the need for speed. Is just another form of greed
but when you jones'n your brains frozen.
You're not thinkin' bout the choices you makin' you're just rollin'.
On and on it's anybody's guess cuz no one's at the wheel at the front of
that mess yes.

The sun's goin' down for me it's goin' down for me.
He and she are what I need yes they're what I need.
But I'm gonna buy a ticket I'm not gonna even pick it.
I heard it he said it I heard it.
But it we but it went something like.

Chorus :
I wanna visit the world.
So now I visit the world.
With my time on this world.

Because livin' when you're hungry is a dog in an alley.
Now I mind my business cuz I'm rhymin' down in Cali.
I ain't playin' when sayin' kings of the ghetto feel they losing ground.
Vato's goin' loco because everyone's brought down.
This is a visit then we dead fade to dust strickin'.
I'm wearing my Doc Martens cuz I'm always down for kickin'.
This my friend the city pity everywhere the enemy.
Ready or not homey stompin' everyone in front of me.

Jump up and down cus that's the 311 style.
Cruise on by the frowners float follow me now with a smile.

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